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June 4, 2011

A Dog’s Eye View

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It's me: Twinkie on the left and my big brother Tripper.

Miss Twinkie here!  Mommy has been taking a snooze so I thought I’d post a word or two.

I try to be the boss of everything around here. I do my best to let everybody know what’s going on. I hate to say it, but things have not been going good here for more than a year. If you want to know what’s up, talk to your dog. They are like the guys in the mailroom at work. They know ALL the stuff that going to happen–before it happens.

So with my Mommy…  She’s really the boss of everybody around here. I gave her a hard time when she brought me home to live here. I remember one time she took me to the vet when I was a pup. She was sleep deprived and told the doc, “this dog’s gonna drive me to drink–and I’m a Mormon!” The vet gave her a few pointers on how to be the pack leader. It took a few more weeks, but Mommy won my respect and now I listen.

I’m a five-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  I have an older brother Tripper, who is 11. He’s “Mr. Cool” and just lays around most of the time. He’s such a guy. I have to clean up after him all the time. He just lets me lick his face until it’s all clean.  We used to go out for walks with Mommy (and Daddy) but after a time it became not so much. Now, all we can look forward to is a game of Jolly Ball in the backyard.

Around the time Mommy got tired and the walks became less and less, I began to sense that Mommy was sick. We dogs just know this kind of thing. I’m sure Mommy and Daddy had no clue. But I did.  I started to go everywhere Mommy did. I followed here everywhere. I even insisted that I get into bed with her after Daddy left for work in the morning. “Twinkie,” she would say, “you are crawling up my butt!”  But isn’t that the whole point?  I’m a dog. We love butts. I’m just doing my job here. I have to watch out for her.

About a year ago, Mommy went away. She was gone a long time. Daddy missed her terribly and soon he went away too. Then the kids went away. Nanny came to feed us. I love it when she comes. After what seemed like FOREVER, everyone came back home. Mommy wasn’t the same. She said her own daddy died. She didn’t cry but she needed to.  I was there when Daddy told her that it was OK to cry. It was the worst thing I ever saw. He just held her for two hours as she did her “arooo, arooo” over and over.

After that, Mommy stayed home with me and Tripper full time. She said, “life’s too short.” She started being a Adjunct Professor Mommy. She was happier but things were still not right. When she grades papers, I like to lay on her foot. We get into a kind of rhythm until she gets a paper that makes her start talking. It beats me who she is talking to when she grades papers. I think it’s her students. She’ll say, “Claire totally nailed this one.” Or sometimes she’ll slam her green grading pen down and moan, “Did you not take notes in class??!”   Sometimes she’d just start laughing at what they wrote in their papers. I had no idea grading papers could be so entertaining. During this time, Mommy’s body started changing faster and faster. She became bloated in her abdomen and her feet hurt. We rarely went out on walks anymore.

So last week, Mommy went away again. This time only for a few days. Daddy was gone too. Girly moved back home from college. This time, Mommy went to the hospital. When she got home she smelled pretty stinky. I love stinky. I cuddle up to it. Daddy put me up on the bed.  I assumed my regular position against Mommy.  “I’ve got cancer Miss Twinkie,” she said. “But I guess you knew before any of us did.”

Mommy is resting. Her stinky reminds me of the time I went to the vet and got “fixed.” I’m still sticking to her like glue.


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  1. Rosie and I were driving along the road near home last July and we saw what we thought was a paper bag on the shoulder. When the bag popped his head up we saw it was a small dog. The “U” turn was quick and when I called the Little guy he came right over.

    Long story short we found the owner and she said the dog needed someone to take him because she was moving and couldn’t keep him.

    That is how we wound up with Opy, a cross between a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a miniature Australian Shepard. Opy looks like a Corgi with long legs (from the Aussie).

    Opy and Telly (our Cockateel) get along well and we have never had so much fun with an animal as we have had with the Opster in the last year.

    I remember Tripper and glad to see he is still with you.

    Bob Ratcliffe

    Comment by Bob R. — June 18, 2011 @ 7:51 am |Reply

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