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June 19, 2011

A Love Letter

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It’s Father’s Day.   Most of us pause to pay tribute to our fathers but as many of you know, I lost mine last year. Big Marv’s last and greatest gift to me was the example he set the final seven weeks of his life. He left this world showing me grace and dignity through physical adversity and how to dish it out with a sense of humor. I’ve written extensively about my experience with Dad in another blog.  Today, I want to pay tribute to the love of my life: the father of my two children.

Jim and I on our first anniversary-1986 Lake Tahoe.

It all started as a blind date. Election Day. Ronald Reagan received the vote and on that rainy night, my whole world changed.  Jim and I were married the following March. No doubts. No second thoughts. No nothing. It was just to be.

We were fixed up by my cousin’s husband’s aunt, who had just moved into a new townhouse development. Both Gina and Jim were original owners. They became friends and she invited him over to dinner because I think she couldn’t bear the thought of her handsome new neighbor eating a bachelor’s diet of Coco-Puffs every night for dinner. The night I walked in to Gina’s, I first spied him bent over the dishwasher. “Nice Booty.”  Then he turned around. Those baby blues just slayed me.

He and I are complete opposites. He is East Coast. I am West. He is Type A, I am the laid back California Girl. He’s got the analytical mind. I am artsy-fartsy. He is Felix Unger and I am the slob roommate Oscar Madison. The only way I can describe how this love affair works is in the words of Pulitzer-Prize winning author Wallace Stegner in his book “Angle of Repose.”  Contrasting the marriage of his dissimilar grandparents in the novel, the protagonist Lyman Ward utilizes this architectural term  to summarize their at-times rocky marriage.

…some meeting, some intersection of lines;… it is the angle at which two lines prop each other up, the leaning-together from the vertical which produces the false arch. For lack of a keystone, the false-arch may can be as much as one can expect in this life. Only the very lucky discover the keystone. (pp. 568.)

Jim and I approach our marriage at two separate but equal angles. The blessing is that somehow we’ve had the “keystone” that brings us in synch without disturbing the individual essence of what we brought to the marriage.

I adore this man. He is such a blessing in my life. He’s generous in spirit, loving, macho and goof ball at the same time. He’s a wonderful father to our two children.  In the 25 years we’ve been married, we’ve grown together. Learned to take the best from each other and work toward the common good. Like all marriages, we’ve weathered the rocks and shoals but we’ve done it together and Jim has always backed me up. I still can’t believe he picked me to marry. (He says the same thing).

So now, we have a big challenge ahead. Holding my hand each step of the way is my Jim.  My morning shower was rough today. I looked a bit bedraggled, worse for wear. I wanted to bundle up in bed and recover.  Jim’s face appears above mine. “So Hot Stuff?” he asks. “What kind of plans do you have for the rest of your life?”

I look up into those baby blues.  The same set of lady killers that melted me down

to nothing all those years ago. There is only one answer.

“Hanging with you babe. Hanging out with you.”


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  1. The only consolation to those of us watching from afar is that Jim Fling is there with you, hanging on, pulling you through and keeping you in it. THANK YOU LORD for those baby blues. I’m so grateful he’s in your life.

    And he makes great kids, too! Happy Father’s Day, Jim!

    Comment by Marti — June 19, 2011 @ 9:17 pm |Reply

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