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June 28, 2011

Mommy Update

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That darn doggie!  Twinkie really let the cat out of the bag eh?

We’re doing fine here–really!.  Dealing with the curveballs that life throws us.  What else can you do?!


I offered my mother a bit of space here on the Peachfuzz Chronicles so that she (we) can keep her peeps informed of her progress.  The whole blogosphere thing worked so well during Daddy’s illness that we have opted to give you an occasional “two-fer” on the family’s health.

So here’s the latest on Doris dear:  She met with two doctors yesterday and Ta Da—  Her blood work was pronounced pristine–which indicates that she’s beat the E-Coli infection! This means she advances to Step II “looky-loo” which is an angioplasty that will act as a Roter-Rooter and take a peek at all the cardiac fuss. Dina and I both agree that she’ll feel like a new woman after she gets this done.

In the meantime, the job at hand is to build up strength.  They are decreasing use of oxygen (only during exercise) and have adjusted her medications. They also want her to keep her feet elevated in hopes of minimizing swelling in her feet and ankles.  She’s still at the skilled nursing facility. I think afternoons are good time to drop by or call.

Update on my uncle:  My dear Uncle Howard did pass away a few days after his stroke. His family was by his side. The passing was peaceful.  The way I figure it, Howard arrived on the other side with boots down, all ready to get to work as an angel. (E-Ticket past the Pearly Gates–no penance, Etc. Etc. ) No transition needed for him to qualify for angel duty; for he is truly one of the “goodest” people I have ever known. Pure Goodness.

I can just hear him humming as he goes off for his first angel assignment…


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  1. Yes, humming.

    Comment by Dina — June 30, 2011 @ 1:16 pm |Reply

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