The Peachfuzz Chronicles

July 25, 2011

I Can’t Believe There’s No Butter

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Twinkie here! Had to wait for Mom to finish stuffing her face with a cookie –sent in from one of Daddy’s generous co-workers–so that I can do a post!

I guess you already know people have a way of “going out” around here. First it was Girly, Mommy, then Tripper. After a week of being broken, the microwave got taken away for the day. The whole house was in uproar for a week while that sucker was out of commission! Can you imagine not having a microwave in a land of leftovers?!! Brother learned there are stovetop cooking directions for his Chef Boyardee. A revelation…  Pots and pans suddenly needed Brillo!

Daddy and Brother yanked the machine out of the wall and took it to Pennington–apparently, only one location in the tri-county area services Dacor appliances. Since the repair guys couldn’t come here in a timely fashion, Daddy took the microwave to them. $42 later… problem solved–in one day.

Everyone is distracted around here. Girly was pouting because she forgot to put the sugar in the peach pie recipe. Ick! I’ll eat just about everything, but I’ll pass. It would give me the runs.

Yesterday was Grandma’s birthday. Auntie D made a cake for her, and everyone ate it there in the hospital. Mommy cried because she couldn’t be there. I snuggled between her feet while she “Arooo’d”. Half a tissue box and a headache later, she was okay. I’m still sticking to Mommy like glue. She is sleeping a lot more lately.

Maybe its the weather; it has been very, very hot this past week. I like laying down on the concrete and get toasty, but Daddy calls Tripper and me inside not long after. He’s concerned about the heat since we are so furry.

Must go! Girly just told Mommy the house is out of butter.

“Out of butter?” asks Mommy incredulously. “How can that be? We never, ever, run out of butter.”   Uh-oh. Gotta go.


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